Thursday, January 31, 2013

Yellow Science…Renowned Climate Modeller Now Claims Temperature Stagnation Is Actually Evidence Of Warming!
...I placed the big emphasis on “To the contrary” because it tells us that Knutti is claiming that because there is a stagnation today, and the models said there would be, the longterm-warming trend for the next 100 years has to be right. Such is the science of a climate modeller.
Do Increasing Temperatures Lower Crop Yields? | Watts Up With That?
...I gotta confess, I don’t see what folks are screaming about. If you believe the BEST data, we’ve seen a full degree of temperature rise in the last half century, and it hasn’t done us any harm—no atolls gone underwater, no millions of climate refugees, no increases in extreme weather. And through all of that temperature rise, the crop yields have kept going up. Will they reach a maximum? Assuredly they will … but it doesn’t seem like that maximum yield is going to be much affected by the temperature.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds potential glacier contribution to sea levels is 43% less than IPCC claims
A paper published today in The Cryosphere finds that the ice volume of global glaciers is 43% less than estimated by the IPCC
The New Nostradamus of the North: German wind energy 2012: No increase in wind energy production despite 1000 new wind turbines
A sudden outburst of honesty by a representative of the German wind energy industry

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