Monday, February 18, 2013

10,000 vehicles stuck in Himachal Pradesh snow
Hundreds of villages in India without power.
Heavy snowfall in Himachal Pradesh has left 10,000 vehicles stranded across the state as most roads are closed.

People reeling under shortage of essential commodities in many places.
Visualizing The Arctic Death Spiral | Real Science
Arctic ice extent may be at its highest level in years now, but climate experts say that it will be ice free this summer. I plotted out the most likely trajectory below.
Koch Brothers Caused Sandy! | Real Science
I thought Obama was in control of the weather.
Sea Level Tampering Smoking Gun | Real Science
The Met Office conveniently provides data sets showing how sea level data has been tampered with over time. The graph below plots the difference between sea level plots generated in 1987 and 2006.

Like with everything else the hockey team gets their hands on, they lower the past and raise the present.

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