Sunday, February 24, 2013

1974 : NCAR Blamed Bad Weather On Excess Sea Ice
In 1974, NCAR said bad weather was due to excess sea ice. NCAR now says that bad weather is due to missing sea ice.
Settled Science Update : Mt. Snowdon To Be Snow Free – And Covered With Glaciers | Real Science
Shortly after becoming snow-free, Mt. Snowden will be covered in glaciers. CO2 works in strange and mysterious ways.
Wikipedia : Hiding The Incline | Real Science
The 1990 IPCC Report showed a two million km² increase in Arctic ice during the five years prior to 1979. This was based on Nimbus satellite data.
For some reason, Wikipedia seem to have missed this huge gain in ice.
Climate Is Changing So Rapidly That Scientists Can’t Keep Up | Real Science
Last year’s lack of snow in the eastern US (the center of the universe) was caused by 392 ppm CO2, but the increase to 393 ppm this year is causing heavy snow.
Greenland Country Club Friendly Reminder | Real Science
The recent match play tournament in Arizona has been moved to Greenland, due to excess snow in Tucson.

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