Friday, February 01, 2013

2 Oakland County senior citizens found dead outside from hypothermia -
Virginia Hayes and Dean Fine died in the cold, in two different cities, within the same hour Thursday.
Rooftop Wind Turbines Fail at Toledo Government Center, Taxpayers Stuck with Bill | Heartlander Magazine
Renewable energy advocates claimed the $224,300 wind turbines would save taxpayers money.
Even before the turbines stopped spinning, however, there were ominous signs the renewable energy advocates could not back up their promises. For example, even spinning at full efficiency the wind turbines would only be able to produce 0.0035 percent of the building’s typical annual energy consumption. Even if the turbines had not failed, they still seemed unlikely to ever recoup their costs.
A Cry of Frustration at Delhi's Sustainable Summit -
Maybe heads of state and national legislatures can be ”embarrassed into action by other levels of government,” [Jean Charest] said.
John Prescott, a former British deputy prime minister and member of Parliament, spoke angrily about the slow pace of change and the need for political will. ”We can’t continue talking at all these conferences!” he declared from the podium.
Energy Secretary Steven Chu resigns; led green energy push - The Washington Post
[Solyndra's] implosion in 2011 and revelations that the administration hurried a review of the loan in time for the groundbreaking become an embarrassment for Chu and Obama and a rallying cry for GOP critics of the administration’s green energy program.

Lawmakers also criticized Chu for approving the plan to restructure Solyndra’s debt so that two private investors moved ahead of taxpayers for repayment in case of default.

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