Saturday, February 09, 2013

Airbus May Switch A350 Battery to Avoid 787 Lithium Woes - Bloomberg
regulators may even decide that the technology isn’t sufficiently mature to be used by any company.
Is Keystone XL Obama’s line in the sand? - The Globe and Mail
Now, as then, the President’s decision will swirl around politics. TransCanada Pipelines, Keystone’s proponent, has changed the route in Nebraska, thereby bringing the Republican governor onside. Trade unions, a key part of the Democrats’ constituency, want the jobs and economic spinoffs Keystone would bring. Fifty-five senators, including nine Democrats, signed a letter urging Mr. Obama to approve the project.

Oil from Canada, bitumen or otherwise, is deemed by foreign-policy analysts to be more “secure” than that from elsewhere. If Alberta oil didn’t make it to the Gulf of Mexico refineries, oil from somewhere else would arrive. Canada is safe, reliable and friendly. Who could ask for anything more?
More Americans convinced of climate change, poll finds
Less than a third, or 29%, favor cap-and-trade
Kalamazoo Professor says Global warming is happening faster than expected
KALAMAZOO (WKZO) -- As the northeast is getting pounded by its second super-storm this year, a Western Michigan University Professor says we can expect more violent storms, droughts and more powerful hurricanes because global warming is taking place faster than anyone had previously thought it could.

Dr. David Karowe, a professor of biological sciences says in fact its happening probably 20-times faster than at anytime in the last 55-million years, and the evidence is obvious. The rise in the level of ocean waters and the fall in the Great Lakes, the melting of all ice on Greenland, and the retreat of the glaciers.

He says the climate models have been predicting it for decades, just not at this rapid a pace.

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