Friday, February 08, 2013

Antarctica Sea Ice Above Normal For 439 Days In A Row | Real Science

Twitter / RyanMaue: 12-18'' of snow over Dakotas ...
12-18'' of snow over Dakotas with Central US storm thru Monday morning.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds Greenland surface melt was due to natural variability
Last summer, the mainstream media breathlessly reported that a brief 4-day surface melt over the Greenland ice sheet represented evidence of man-made global warming. However, a paper published today in The Cryosphere finds that "the recent warmer summers over [the Greenland ice sheet] cannot be considered as a long-term climate warming but are more a consequence of [the natural North Atlantic Oscillation] variability affecting atmospheric heat transport." In other words, the brief Greenland surface melt has not been linked to alleged man-made global warming.

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