Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Antarctica’s exit glaciers: the drunk drivers of climate change
In geologist Richard Alley's view, we need to plan for a rapid, 2 meter rise.
Flashback: New paper finds Antarctica has been gaining surface ice mass over past 150 years

Climate change warning issued
John Streicker, a Yukon resident and former federal Green Party president, recently spoke in Vernon about climate change.

“Within five years, the Arctic Ocean is expected to be seasonally ice free. Santa will have to move out,” he said.
International Surveys Show Environmental Issues Rank Low Among Most People’s Concerns
In the United States, only 3.6 percent of the people surveyed selected the environment as the nation’s most pressing issue, as opposed to 15 percent of the people in Norway, which had the highest level of environmental concern.

...Climate change is seen more as a country-level problem than as a personal problem,” Smith said. “While 14.6 percent cited it as the most important environmental issue for their country, only 9 percent rated it first for themselves.”

The latest surveys were completed in 2010.  [Why is this survey "newly released"?]

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