Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At climate rally, some signs of fraying in a movement’s big tent | Grist
“We shouldn’t be approaching him and saying, ‘We support you in your change.’ We should be approaching him and saying, ‘You fucking start this change or we’re going to do it ourselves,’” said Max. “We’re going to take over and cross this fence and walk over to that White House.”  [I'm confused--is that what democracy looks like, or is that more like what anarchy looks like?]
...they weren’t risking much beyond their personal warmth...
Oymyakon, the coldest village on earth: Weather takes turn for the worse in -71C Russian hamlet | Mail Online
Daily problems that come with living in Oymyakon include pen ink freezing, glasses freezing to people's faces and batteries losing power. Locals are said to leave their cars running all day for fear of not being able to restart them.

Even if there was coverage for mobile phone reception the phones themselves would not work in such cold conditions.
The New Oil Boom: The End Of Green Hysteria? | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Decades ago, the world was told it was running on empty. Today, we have more oil than we need. What’s fuelling the boom in black gold?
Canadian ambassador slams press coverage of Keystone XL pipeline battle - The Hill's E2-Wire
Gary Doer, Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., believes the press is doing a lousy job covering the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline that Canadian officials are urging the Obama administration to approve.

“Twenty people protesting do get more attention in the media than the 65 percent of Americans that prefer to get their oil from Canada rather than Venezuela or the Middle East,” Doer said in an interview broadcast Sunday on Platts Energy Week TV.

“So am I concerned about the fact that sometimes the media will go with a picture as opposed to, sometimes, logic? That’s just part of how issues are covered,” he said.

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