Tuesday, February 19, 2013

At Clinton School, Al Gore Criticizes Climate Change News Coverage
He railed against what he called the corrupting influence of money in politics.
Whac-a-moling Seth Borenstein at AP over his erroneous extreme weather claims | Watts Up With That?
It’s like playing whac-a-mole. After every major storm or unusual (or even slightly interesting) weather event, some non-investigative reporter gets hold of the usual suspects to write an article about how it’s all due to global warming. Then it’s up to knowledgeable folk like Joe D’Aleo, Anthony Watts, Bill Gray, James Taylor, Steve Goddard, and many, many others to write a data-based rebuttal to “whac” the nonsense back down into its hole. But then, as in the game, it always pops up again. Today I’ll draw the short straw and try to whac the mole back down once more.
Healing the planet: U.S. Bioethanol Makers Face 5-Year EU Anti-Dumping Tariff - Bloomberg
The European Union imposed a five- year tariff on U.S. bioethanol to curb competition for German, French, British and other EU producers, threatening to raise trans-Atlantic trade tensions over renewable energy for autos.

The duty of 62.30 euros ($83.20) a metric ton punishes U.S. exporters of bioethanol including Poet LLC for allegedly selling it in the EU below cost, a practice known as dumping. The levy follows existing EU anti-dumping duties on imports from the U.S. of biodiesel, another renewable-energy source for vehicles.

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