Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Based on his mistaken idea that CO2 causes bad weather, David "Climate Nuremberg" Roberts produces yet another stupid rant

Seattle ‘green’ consultants sell out for coal money, whine | Grist
I mean, how much of a cash-grubbing mercenary do you have to be to throw your “green” reputation overboard for coal money, the dirtiest money on the planet?
So he’s not just a planet-f&cking, money-grubbing sellout, he’s a whiner with a victim complex too. Wonderful fellow, that Bruce Gryniewski.
...I’m going to go ahead and not respect Lauri Hennessey, because she is putting her time and professional reputation behind a malevolent force that will degrade local health and deprive future generations of a livable earth. It’s scummy.
...It’s working on behalf of evil and it’s a shitty thing to do, professionally and morally.

I’m sick of pretending, like sellout Lauri Hennessey, that we can all sit around stroking our chins and engaging in genteel dispute with one another while agreeing that, heh heh, we’re all still friends here. No. You sell out the future, you sell out my kids, and you’ll just have to live with some scorn from people who care about them. If it hurts your feelings, Bruce Gryniewski, Lauri Hennessey, and Roger Nyhus, well, I’m sure you’re making enough blood money to console yourselves.
David "Climate Nuremberg" Roberts | Grist
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