Friday, February 08, 2013

BBC exaggerated climate change in David Attenborough's Africa | Leo Hickman |
But however you approach it, Attenborough's claim that "some parts of the African continent have become 3.5C hotter in the past 20 years" appears to fall down upon further analysis.

Personally, I find it bizarre - and frustrating - that an otherwise exemplary series, which took years to film, has been tainted - in my mind, at least - by such a sloppy piece of research. Why rely primarily on a seven-year-old report published an NGO? Why not just directly ask climatologists who would have the latest available data to hand? And how did the BBC's researchers even come across such an obscure fact? You get the sense they simply Googled "Africa temperature rise" and went for the first thing they found.
EPA moves forward with climate change protection plan, asks for comments - The Hill's RegWatch
The Environmental Protection Agency is formally moving forward with its Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

Beginning Friday, the EPA is accepting comments on its draft plan, which calls for the agency to amend its operations — including the promulgation of new regulations — to account for increasingly rapid global warming.
Propagandist Brad Johnson of ‘Forecast the Facts’ tries to make the pending East Coast blizzard about the ocean ‘warming’ – Fails | Watts Up With That?
You knew it was coming from shameless people like him. Unfortunately, Mr. Johnson doesn’t know the difference between what the Gulf Stream pattern looks like and the rest of the sea surface temperature.

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