Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Being Governor Means Making Up Scary Nonsense | Real Science
There hasn’t been any sea level rise in the San Francisco Bay for at least 70 years.
US Winter Temperatures Plummeting Over The Last 15 Years | Real Science
Huffington Post calls this sharp cooling trend a warming trend
Vote Delingpole! Vote often! – Telegraph Blogs
Whatever happens, though, we're all winners in a way because, as Anthony Watts notes at Watts Up With That?, there has never been a year in which quite so many climate sceptical blogs have been in the running. Watts Up With That? is up for Best Science or Technology Blog (in a first class line up with Climate Audit, JoNova, Tallbloke's Workshop and Skeptical Science) and for Weblog of the Year (Go, Anthony!); Australian Climate Madness is in the running for Best Australian or New Zealand Blog; Small Dead Animals is in the running for Best Canadian Blog; then you've got me and the GWPF in the running for the Best Blog About Politics (in a strong field which includes the superb, incisive American Thinker; the on-the-money Politico; and, er, Occupy).
Why the Debt Crisis Has Trumped the Climate Crisis—at Least in D.C. | TIME.com
barring the occasional geographically-targeted superstorm, it’s become pretty hard to clear out dead tree space for a climate change story

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