Monday, February 04, 2013

Blue Virginia:: Virginia AG Candidate Blasts Ken Cuccinelli for his Assault on Climate Science
[Mark Herring] The answer is, the Attorney General can do a lot in that area [of climate change]. First of all, we need to have an Attorney General who believes in science [APPLAUSE]. When Ken Cuccinelli went after Mike Mann, the researcher at UVA, that was one of those that really told me this is going to become a pattern with him. Sometimes there are grey areas in the law, but he has so manipulated the law; no reasonable attorney in my view could have reached the conclusion that the Fraud Against Taxpayers Act could be used to basically persecute a researcher, and the Attorney General did it because he disagreed with his ideas and conclusions, which is downright unAmerican, it is!
Neil Wagner: Let's Get Real About Global Warming Trends
"Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released..." -- David Rose, The Daily Mail
If David Rose's assertion were true, I would establish the "End of Climate Change Fan Club." I would keep my car running around the clock to celebrate the fact that fossil fuels don't cause global warming. I would laugh in the face of statistics showing unprecedented droughts, wildfires, sea level rise, heat waves, extreme weather, flooding, and Arctic ice loss. Okay, I probably wouldn't do those things (too much work, and people would think I was weird). But I would be very, very happy to know our climate was under control. Unfortunately, Mr. Rose is off the mark. The fan club and the car-running and the laughing will have to wait.
Wow. That's a lot of influence we exert on our planet. When you compare species' impact on Earth, you've got to admit -- human beings are trailblazers. But watch your step. That trail might literally be ablaze.
What's next for BioTown USA? | Journal and Courier |
Nearly eight years earlier, Indiana’s newly inaugurated governor, Mitch Daniels, dropped by with another big plan — to make Reynolds energy independent, using corn, soybeans, manure and other renewable sources. Reynolds would become known as BioTown USA, Daniels predicted.

Today, “BioTown” is as dependent on the energy grid as ever.
World’s First Methane Hydrate Mining Begins Off Japan’s Coast | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
The Japanese government has revealed that its Japan Oil, Gas, and Metals National Corp. has dispatched a mining ship that will begin the world’s first offshore test to excavate methane hydrate from the seabed.

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