Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Boeing Woes Balloon as Battery Fix Remains a Mystery
Would you be willing to fly on a newly developed jumbo airliner with battery technology that has been known to cause fires, whose exact cause is still unknown, but whose manufacturer has claimed to find a temporary “fix” that would allegedly contain –but not prevent – future flaming flights?

Boeing bets you would. Airbus bets you wouldn’t.
Alaskan Sea Ice Normal Or Above For More Than A Year | Real Science
Like Antarctica, sea ice off the Alaskan coast has been running normal or above for more than a year, and both have hit record highs during the past year.

Climate experts say that Antarctica and Alaska are the canary in the coal mine, and that the Arctic will be ice-free in a few months.
Someone At The EPA Didn’t Get The Memo | Real Science
Eco-Terrorist and NASA chief scientist James Hansen, says that heat waves almost never used to happen – because the dice weren’t loaded.
Hansen forgot to send the memo to the EPA and NOAA, who think that heat waves used to be much worse.
Terry Scanlon: ‘Steven Chu is no Ben Franklin’ |
“Mr. Chu is a famous scientist — and thus an expert on everything. Inevitably, Secretary Chu fell for one con after another.”
Tom Harris: Climate fear-mongers’ blind faith in suspect and shoddy science |
“The science fiction of attempting to actually control global climate through impractical energy policies will simply leave us hungry and freezing in the dark.”

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