Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Cameron: UK can't afford not to prioritise green energy - 04 Feb 2013 - News from BusinessGreen
Prime Minister David Cameron has today warned only the world's greenest economies will be able to compete in the global economic race over the coming years, arguing that the UK has no choice but to prioritise investment in green energy and energy efficiency.
Homes in Flood Zone Double in New FEMA Map - NYTimes.com
[Does carbon dioxide explain this change?] New federal flood maps released on Monday revealed the grim news that many New Yorkers were girding for after Hurricane Sandy sloshed away: More areas farther inland are expected to flood.
Watts Up With That? | The world's most viewed site on global warming and climate change
The cartoonist (John Cook, purveyor of the laughably named “Skeptical Science”) and the psychologist (Lewandowski), the two rightmost people in the photo above, are working together again to smear anyone who has doubts about the severity of the global warming. If making up data for a fake correlation (they never polled any skeptics, only friends) to support the idea that climate skeptics deny the moon landing wasn’t enough, now they are going after HIV and AIDS conspiracy theory. Basically, they think because we reject their ability to perform actual statistical science (by polling a representative population of skeptics instead of friends who support their mindset) that we are now engaged in “counterfactual thinking”. I look at it as psychological projection on their part.

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