Saturday, February 02, 2013

Climate Action ‘Could Halve Energy Firms’ Worth’ |
“Oil and gas multinationals could lose up to 60% of their market value if the world cuts its carbon emissions to limit climate change, according to the world’s second-largest bank.”
Polar bears godsend for both sides of global warming debate - Winnipeg Free Press
[Zac Unger, who once dreamed of becoming an eco-warrior] also couldn't help but notice that, for all the histrionics of the global warmers, there wasn't much evidence that the world and all its creatures were on the brink of extinction, at least no evidence outside of hugely complicated computer models or the say-so of "big-hitter" scientists who appear on television with just-trust-me messages.
Falling EU carbon price should inspire greater mitigation efforts
[Ross Garnaut] The low prices raise questions about the effectiveness of the emissions trading system. Although controlled in quantum, use of offsets at very low prices from the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has pushed prices even lower. Low European and CDM prices would, if uncorrected, introduce low prices into other emissions trading systems with which Europe is linked, notably Australia from 2015. Already New Zealand’s emissions trading scheme has prices close to zero through allowing unlimited access to credits from the Clean Development Mechanism.

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