Monday, February 11, 2013

Climate boffins dine out on $1740 taxpayer dollars | The Australian
A DOZEN Climate Change authority executives dining out at a posh Italian restaurant to get to know each other better left tax-payers with an almost $2000 bill.

The dinner was held so the executives of the outfit created in July to review and make recommendations about the carbon tax and other federal government green schemes could meet in "an informal setting" to better their "collective decision making" capacity.

Executives dined at swish Melbourne eatery The Italian Restaurant and Bar on a $135-a-head menu of New Zealand king salmon, calamari, caprese salad, southern supreme beef, gnocchi with oyster mushroom and vanilla panna cotta with dark chocolate.
Warmists feed off taxpayers | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
And one last question: if there was no global warming scare, would such people get the government money allowing such fine dining?
New climate Bill to set no binding CO2 targets - The Irish Times - Mon, Feb 11, 2013
Draft legislation on climate change to be brought to Cabinet tomorrow will not provide for binding targets for emission reductions, nor a powerful independent commission to ensure Government compliance.
Links Between Health and Environment in Focus at Major UN Youth Conference - UNEP
[I only see "climate" mentioned once, in paragraph 11]

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