Thursday, February 21, 2013

Climate Change Poll: Americans Think Government Can Affect The Climate
Twenty-nine percent of respondents said that U.S. policies can make a major difference, 30 percent said they can make a minor difference, and 28 percent said they can make no difference at all.
Greenpeace & UNEP – Cozy Under the Bedcovers « NoFrakkingConsensus
Greenpeace envisions a new system of global governance – in which unaccountable UN bureaucrats gain “real powers.”
Tropical SSTs Since 1998: Latest Climate Models Warm 3x Too fast « Roy Spencer, Ph. D.
My personal opinion is that the models have cloud feedbacks (and maybe other feedbacks) wrong, and that the real climate system is simply not as sensitive to increasing CO2 as the modelers have programmed the models to be.

But there are other possibilities, all theoretical
Lawmaker: DEP Chief Michael Krancer Denies Climate Change | StateImpact Pennsylvania
Krancer repeatedly told the lawmakers that he does not acknowledge the validity of climate change and said he does not know Gov. Tom Corbett’s position on the issue. Vitali said he has been unable to find any public statements Corbett made about climate change during the governor’s first two years in office.

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