Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Climate-change rally aims to influence Legislature - Montana
"You'll hear people, like my colleagues in the Legislature, who argue climate change is hooey," Phillips told the crowd. "But they couldn't be more wrong. We're the first-ever human population to be living in an atmosphere with 390 parts per million of CO 2. I say to my colleagues who claim it's all hooey, that these levels might be a big deal."
Twitter / RyanMaue: Hint, if ur theory or hypothesis ...
Hint, if ur theory or hypothesis involves contradictions, may be time to admit your original knowledge of subject was inadequate.
Developing world must be encouraged to ‘mainstream’ climate change | New Europe
[Hedegaard] said that failure to curb the increase in the earth’s temperature will have an “irreversible, execrable effect on food security” and other serious problems facing the developing world.
Michelle Obama and daughters take on Aspen ski slopes with top instructors - NYPOST.com
We’re told some wealthy Aspen visitors were annoyed when “air space was blocked because of [the Obamas’] plane, so others couldn’t get their private jets in. Many people nearly didn’t land or had to be diverted.”

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