Sunday, February 17, 2013

Climate Change’s Hypothetical Links to Conflict
Schellnhuber is a nasty little creep. He seems unaware (to be charitable) that when Indians talk of the monsoon "failing", they don't mean a total failure of it to appear. It always appears but in "failing" years the rain starts later in the year and delivers (say) 10% less rainfall overall. And with greater prosperity, the tendency is for such "failures" to be much less disastrous than they were
UHI Affects Global Weather – But Has No Impact On Local Thermometers | Real Science
So UHI has a large impact on weather thousands of miles away, but Hansen says it has essentially no impact on local temperatures.
Overhyped: The Human Cost of Climate Alarmism | Watts Up With That?
To summarize:

• Munich Re pulled some hugely improbable climate death numbers out of their corporate fundamental orifice, numbers that are clearly designed to help them sell insurance. They have no relationship to reality.

• These bogus numbers were then swallowed hook, line and sinker, and regurgitated in a report issued by Kofi Annan’s pet foundation...
Mississippi River Has Quadrupled Over The Last Eight Weeks | Real Science
A few weeks ago, Romm and McKitten were telling us that the Mississippi River was going to dry up and we were all going to die. Since then, the river depth has increased 400%.

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