Sunday, February 10, 2013

CO2 Appears To Have Small Effect On Long-Term Climate Change
An analysis of the IPCC’s gold-standard global temperature dataset reveals long-term changes in global warming as less than predicted by the AGW hypothesis – the UK empirical evidence (HatCRUT3) confirms that human CO2 is producing a minimal to trivial effect relative to the UN’s IPCC climate change scenarios.
Rubio to take on climate change in GOP's State of Union response
But Rubio doesn't think much of climate change, one of the other hot political topics of the moment. That puts the 41-year-old Rubio squarely in the anti-science wing of his party and among a shrinking number of Americans with doubts about global warming.
A spokesman for Rubio, Alex Conant, said, "Sen. Rubio doesn't think that big government can control the weather. But big government can hurt Florida's economy and destroy jobs."
George Will: The price of moral grandstanding - Harrisburg, IL - The Daily Register - Harrisburg, IL
Liberal ethicists may decide that the only virtuous investments are in electric cars. The Obama administration says 1 million will be sold by 2015. Maybe 70,000 have been so far. Just imagine how pension funds will prosper by betting on the next 930,000.
Twitter / MichaelEMann: RT @thackerpd How the tea party ...
RT How the tea party sprung out of Big Tobacco

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