Thursday, February 28, 2013

Council’s Climate Change Park bid to take root with helping hand from local school children
Aberdeen City Council's bid to create Scotland's first Climate Change Park will receive a helping hand from local school children this weekend.
Global Warming Alarmists Chant 'Forget The Carbon, We Demand The Tax' - Forbes
Global warming alarmists and environmental activists constantly praise China and hold the nation up as an example for the United States to follow. Yet the two nations are on distinctly different trajectories regarding carbon dioxide emissions and environmental quality. Given the choice between a policy of more taxes and more government programs that do nothing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and a policy of fewer taxes and fewer government programs that nevertheless result in declining carbon dioxide emissions, I will take the latter. It is surprising (then again, maybe not) that so many self-professed global warming advocates prefer the former.

When it comes to choosing between a carbon tax and fewer carbon dioxide emissions, alarmists show their true colors by turning up their noses at real-world carbon dioxide reductions and instead pushing wholeheartedly for ineffective central planning and carbon taxes.
RIGZONE - UK Energy Production Falls for 11th Straight Year
LONDON - U.K. energy production fell for the 11th consecutive year in 2012, although at a slower rate than in 2011.
How NASA Scientists Are Turning L.A. Into One Big Climate-Change Lab - Technology - The Atlantic Cities
Duren’s team is already coordinating with French scientists running a Megacities sister project in Paris. (Researchers had to move a Picarro on the Eiffel Tower because its readings were skewed by steamy tourist lung vapors.)

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