Friday, February 22, 2013

Dave ‘Nuremberg Trials for Skeptics’ Roberts likens fossil fuels to slavery |
He wasn’t complaining about fossil fuels when he recently took his kids to an 84-degree indoor water park in Washington state.
Naomi Klein: Climate change requires ‘extraordinary + heroic acts of resistance’ |
Sure hope no one gets hurt, Naomi.
"This whole thing about climate change being responsible for an increase in extreme weather, or natural disasters, is just a fiction really"
Professor John McAneney, the director of Risk Frontiers, an independent research group funded mostly by the insurance industry, says that based on a database of natural hazard events in Australia, including some dating back to 1803, "there has been no increase in the frequency of natural hazard events since 1950".
Colorado Climate Devastation News : Only 22 Feet Of Snow So Far This Winter | Real Science
March is normally our snowiest month.

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