Sunday, February 24, 2013

EDF and the eco terrorists: what a shame they can't both lose – Telegraph Blogs
...On reflection, then, I shan't be signing the petition to let this bunch of selfish, destructive, ill-informed, anti-capitalist, anti-growth, anti-cheap-energy eco-terrorists off the hook.

But if anyone wants to start a rival petition for Claire and her pals to be screwed for every last penny they've got – the proceeds to be donated to all those needy people they've helped drive deeper into fuel poverty, then I'll more than happily sign.
NCAR 1974 : Global Cooling And Extreme Weather Is The New Normal | Real Science
Avert your eyes : David Appell and John Cook say that this never happened.
October 2012 : McKitten Lamented The Lack Of Storms | Real Science
At his frozen global warming protest last week, everyone was angry that global warming was causing more storms.

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