Thursday, February 21, 2013

EPA Hid Information Behind False Identities | Media Research Center
CEI Senior Fellow Chris Horner told the Business and Media Institute that “federal law requires that government officials maintain an adequate record of their activities. It should go without mention that creating a false-identity email account for certain correspondence with one's inner circle – inside as well as outside government, notwithstanding EPA's untrue but wholly irrelevant spin that the false-identity account was acceptable because it was just for internal purposes – fails that requirement.”
The World Today - Head of IPCC says most vulnerable countries have already reached 'tipping point' 21/02/2013
RAJENDRA PACHAURI: I think we have to mitigate the emissions of greenhouse gases globally. You really need a massive effort all over the world. It is not just Australia. Of course Australia would be important because the example of one country can be very inspiring and useful for other countries in the world so I hope Australia will stay in the lead as far as mitigation is concerned.
SIMON LAUDER: You've said before that carbon dioxide needs to be no higher than 350 parts per million to avoid the climate tipping point. Do you think action is happening fast enough to avoid that still?

RAJENDRA PACHAURI: Well, I did preface that remark by saying this is a personal view and I'm not saying that as chairman of the IPCC because the IPCC is not supposed to be politically prescriptive. I mean it is for the world to decide whether they want 350 parts per million or 450 or whatever but as a human being, as an individual I would say that I would feel comfortable with that level and of course, we know that is going to be quite a challenge.
It’s time to offset the UN’s carbon footprint, says Ban Ki-moon |
It is not unreasonable to ask the UN to use its own mechanism to offset its emissions.
DEP Secretary Michael Krancer clarifies views on climate change | StateImpact Pennsylvania
“There is no uniformity within the scientific community on how much the warming is occurring,” said Krancer, “And there’s no agreement about how much is attributable to the human part of it and how much is attributable to other factors.”

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