Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Essay: Why is it so hard? — The Daily Climate
Why is it so hard, at every level, to do anything to stop torquing the climate?
...I tinker at the edges, install a solar panel for hot water, drive less, try to eat local, buy better light bulbs. All worthy steps. But then I fly to Europe. I think nothing of driving to Utah for a spring break hike in the desert. My wife and I sometimes take two cars to an event in order to keep our options open. We have two cars! I am the same as the local task force, the Kyoto signatories, the unimaginative university. Good intentions, some minor initiatives, little actual change.
Germany Gives Green Light For Shale Fracking | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government agreed on draft regulation to allow the tapping of shale gas via fracking, a practice the opposition says may harm the environment.
Salon: Which issues divide the GOP? | JunkScience.com
Note climate is not listed. We are proud to have helped make climate a litmus test.
- Bishop Hill blog - Big wind just got smaller
If the true figure is 1 W/m2, we could cover half the country with windmills and still not get enough energy for the average daily commute.

Wind power isn't looking any more sensible is it?
Wind park building noise 'can kill porpoises' - The Local
German scientists are working to prevent the noise from building oceanic wind parks from damaging the hearing of whales and dolphins, after it emerged that the noise could be deadly for sea mammals.

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