Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Eugene Robinson: Obama has the power to act on global warming - The Washington Post
...[A NOAA study] relies on proxy data from 173 sources such as ice cores, lake and ocean sediments, mineral deposits and historical records of agricultural harvests — all of which are sensitive to temperature. Plotted on a graph, the upward trend looks just like climate scientists said it would.
...Ultimately, the only way to halt climate change is to wean the global economy from its dependence on fossil fuels.
Twitter / ClimateSilence
"We know we are playing Russian roulette with our climate." -
Tom Toles goes green - The Washington Post
A collection of cartoons about the environment and global warming.
- Bishop Hill blog - The price of life: the IPCC first and forgotten controversy
the ‘price of life’ controversy was initiated in the UK by a small radical group of green activists concerned that the case for action was not strong enough.
Monckton accuses Tony Press (Uni Tasmania) of fraud and deception « JoNova
Christopher Monckton has written to Professor Peter Rathjen, Vice-Chancellor, University of Tasmania to point out that one Tony Press has committed “serious professional and academic misconduct and scientific fraud, contrary to Australian Standard AS 8001 as amended by the relevant policy adopted by your university.”

Monckton is calling upon the University of Tasmania to investigate, as it must when allegations of fraud are made.

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