Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fair-and-balanced left-wing journalist Suzanne Goldenberg compares James Hansen to Gandhi and Martin Luther King; admits that Hansen's arrest was "arranged in advance with the D.C. police"; says Morano is "deliberately spreading misinformation and lies"

The ATM for Climate Denial: Secretive Donors Trust Funds Vast Network of Global Warming Skeptics
SUZANNE GOLDENBERG: Well, I wish I would seen. I mean, that’s quite incredible. Just let’s get back to the truth here, is that, yes, James Hansen was arrested, in fact as recently as last week, and what he was doing was just using plastic twist-tie handcuffs to handcuff himself to the gates of the White House and, you know, in an agreement arranged in advance with the D.C. police, arranged to be arrested in a nonviolent fashion with 40-something other activists, you know, to make a symbolic protest against the Keystone pipeline. So I do not know how you can describe these kind of acts, which, you know, were preceded by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other, you know, peaceful resisters—I don’t know how you can call that ecoterrorism.

But I think it’s really—it’s really interesting and important to see what Marc Morano is doing here, and which is that he’s deliberately spreading misinformation and lies, really, about what happened and about the means of protest that are taking place against the Keystone pipeline.

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