Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Find out which facilities near you are doing the most damage to the climate! | Grist
The U.S. creates a lot of greenhouse gases — in 2011, 0.5 percent of the total amount we can still create before tipping into climate catastrophe.
Climate Change: News - Study finds severe climate jeopardizing Amazon forest
The researchers attribute the 2005 Amazonian drought to the long-term warming of tropical Atlantic sea surface temperatures. "In effect, the same climate phenomenon that helped form hurricanes Katrina and Rita along U.S. southern coasts in 2005 also likely caused the severe drought in southwest Amazonia," Saatchi said. "An extreme climate event caused the drought, which subsequently damaged the Amazonian trees."
Real Sustainability vs. Activist Sustainability
How long must billions of people remain destitute, diseased and malnourished, because environmental activists and UN bureaucrats don’t like economic development, insecticides or biotechnology, either?
Twitter / WaxmanClimate: Tweet your #Climate questions ...
Tweet your #Climate questions tomorrow morning @cspanwj for the opportunity for me to answer live on air at 8:30 AM EST

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