Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Forecasting Climate With A Chance Of Backlash
Gandy also made the issue personal for viewers, reporting on how climate change will make pollen and poison ivy grow faster and more potent. He says people stopped him on the street about that.

And the backlash? There were a few cranky comments. “To my knowledge,” Gandy says, “there was at least one phone call from someone saying they needed to fire me.”
..Last March, longtime Minnesota meteorologist Paul Douglas, founder of WeatherNationTV, posted an impassioned letter online urging his fellow Republicans to acknowledge that climate change is real.

“Other meteorologists actually e-mailed me and said thanks for giving voice to something I’ve been thinking, but was too afraid to say publicly,” he says.

Douglas is part of a group pushing to tighten certification standards for meteorologists.

“If you’re going to talk about climate science on the air,” he says, you would “need to learn about the real science, and not get it off a talk show radio program or a web site.”

After all, both he and Jim Gandy say it’s becoming harder to separate weather from climate.
Professor: Environmentalists exaggerating extreme weather | The Daily Caller
The U.S. is in an “intense hurricane drought,” according to Roger Pielke, Jr., environmental studies professor at the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder.
July 1901 – Hottest Month In US History | Real Science
NOAA claims that July 2012 was the hottest month in US history, but that is because they tamper with the data. It was the fourth hottest July, after 1901, 1936, and 1934.
Identifying Global Warming Snow And Global Cooling Snow | Real Science
Heavy snow during the 1970s was caused by global cooling, but equally heavy snow in recent years is caused by global warming.

Global warming snow can be differentiated from global cooling snow, based on the current funding scam of the climate seance community.
Huff Po Raises The Bar On Stupidity | Real Science
Last winter was warm and there was little snow. This winter is cold and there is lots of snow. Heavy snow falls during cold winters. The biggest snowstorm on record in the east occurred in 1888.
Satellite Sea Level Fraud | Real Science
Remember Envisat – the most sophisticated climate monitoring satellite?

For eight years, it gave sea level rise rate readings close to the 1990 IPCC tide gauges. Then one day, its historical numbers magically quadrupled – to bring it more in line with the fraudulent post-2000 IPCC numbers.

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