Saturday, February 16, 2013

Germany And Spain Move To Curb Green-Energy Lobby
Renewable energy industry up in arms as governments are backing away from promises on their green investments.
Peer Review, Publication in Top Journals, Scientific Consensus, and So Forth: Newsroom: The Independent Institute
Personal vendettas, ideological conflicts, professional jealousies, methodological disagreements, sheer self-promotion, and a great deal of plain incompetence and irresponsibility are no strangers to the scientific world; indeed, that world is rife with these all-too-human attributes. In no event can peer review ensure that research is correct in its procedures or its conclusions. The history of every science is a chronicle of one mistake after another. In some sciences these mistakes are largely weeded out in the course of time; in others they persist for extended periods; and in some sciences, such as economics, actual scientific retrogression may continue for generations under the misguided (but self-serving) belief that it is really progress.
Twitter / Chris_C_Horner: Things we learned from 2d EPA ...
Things we learned from 2d EPA Richard Windsor doc dump Friday night: #1 The spin that false identity account was just for internal use FALSE
Keystone XL Pipeline Approval May Be Tied To Passage Of Carbon Tax -
Taxes: The president may try to satisfy both environmentalists and pro-growth blocs by tying the shovel-ready project curiously left out of the State of the Union to just-introduced carbon-tax legislation.

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