Sunday, February 10, 2013

Global Warming Causes Less Snow, Except When It Causes More Snow : Political Outcast
Changing the temperature of an entire planet was a great cause to get low-information voters behind. Who doesn’t complain when it’s a hundred degrees outside and the humidity makes you want to cry? Thus global warming became the cause du jour, something of which the politicians could remind everybody every single summer, when people are really feeling the heat. Autumn comes, then winter and spring, and global warming is forgotten about. But the advent of summer always brings with it sirens being sounded by politicians. “Man, d’ya feel that heat? Can you feel it suckin’ the water right outa ya? Sheesh, that global warming is really somethin’! Say, if you slide me over a bit a’ your money, I can make that go away for ya.”
Parody or Does She Believe It? CNN Anchor Blames Asteroid on Global Warming | NewsBusters
CNN anchor Deb Feyerick asked Saturday afternoon if an approaching asteroid, which will pass by Earth on February 15, “is an example of, perhaps, global warming?”

Moments earlier, before an ad break, she segued from the Northeast blizzard to a segment with Bill Nye “the science guy,” by pointing to global warming: “Every time we see a storm like this lately, the first question to pop into a lot of people’s minds is whether or not global warming is to blame? I’ll talk to Bill Nye, ‘the science guy,’ about devastating storms and climate change.”
Cap-and-trade is still alive in New England. Is it working?
Ultimately, RGGI might best be thought of less as a solution to climate change and more of a revenue-raiser for the Northeast.
McGowan flip-flops on carbon tax: Barnett
Mr McGowan finally revealed on Saturday that he did not support the tax.

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