Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gold Turning to Brown in ‘Golden State’ Ag Fields? | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
Any news story about farming inevitably is a story involving flux. The weather changes daily; the water supply fluctuates annually; a disease spreads, weeds proliferate, insects infest. Coping with change is, after all, what farmers do.

But global warming is mobilizing those changes at an accelerating pace [really?] and not necessarily in a linear fashion – immense, transnational changes that will test the ability of farmers everywhere to adapt.
A Fresh Look at China's Long March on Energy and CO2 -

...The blunting upward trajectory in the graph above reflects progress
USA Today: ‘If more trees die, the planet warms more’ |
Flashback from 2005: PNAS study says trees to cause massive global warming — 10 degrees F — by 2100!
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Titley: "It's the change, stupid. Stability of climate for 15,000 yrs has allowed humanity to optimize ourselves for this climate." #CDLive

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