Monday, February 04, 2013

Gore advises Obama to go around Republicans on climate |
Isn’t the Executive branch supposed to implement the laws made by Congress — as opposed to making up its own laws.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds tree-ring studies underestimate climate extremes of the past
A new paper published in Nature Climate Change finds tree-ring reconstructions of temperature, such as Mann's infamous hockey stick, "underestimate climate fluctuations of, for example, air temperature," due to data complicated by "the climate of past years and other factors like tree age" and precipitation. "Our results point to uncertainties in the global climate system that were previously not recognized," says David Frank, co-author of the study.
The Inconvenient Skeptic » -6.35 °C Anomaly
That is the local temperature anomaly for Boise, Idaho for the entire month of January in 2013. It is by far the coldest month I have experienced since the early 1990′s and that was in a different place that was much, much colder than the January I just experienced. Of course a low anomaly doesn’t really tell the story of just how cold it was this past month. This of course underlines one of my endless gripes about temperature anomaly. It really doesn’t tell the story of what the climate is really doing.
Australian politics cools off on climate change – even as the temperature rises |
“The 2013 poll will pit rampant denialism against grudging action based on political expediency.”

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