Friday, February 01, 2013

Greenland Is Not Warming | Real Science
The graph below plots all of the CRUTEM4 records for Greenland. It was just as warm or warmer during the 1940s.
National Journal: Why John Kerry Should Treat Climate Change as a National Security Issue |
The Himalayan glacier scare was exposed as imaginary in the aftermath of Climategate 1.0 — but it lives on at the National Journal.
Black Carbon: The Secret Climate Threat | Politics News | Rolling Stone
Picture what happens when you toss a rock onto a frozen pond. By the next day, the rock has sunken in and created a little melt pool around it. Black carbon essentially does this to the entire Arctic.
Cool Hand Luke-San | Power Line
This illustrates a point we have made repeatedly: the supposed increase in global temperatures in recent decades is largely due, not to raw temperature data, but rather to adjustments to that data that are made by global warming zealots who, in many instances, have an enormous financial interest in propagating the AGW theory. Watts illustrates the point (which he makes more gently than I just did) with this chart. It shows temperature data from the Darwin, Australia airport from 1880 to the present. Based on actual temperature measurements, it has been getting cooler in Darwin. But adjustments to the raw data create a fictitious warming trend

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