Monday, February 11, 2013

Greens Angered By Subsidized Photovoltaic System Installed On Energy-Guzzling Indoor Skiing Facility
The climate-catastrophe-obsessed Klimaretter brings us an amusing anecdote which illustrates the absurdity of the green economy. It shows that it’s not really green at all. It’s pure bullshit, and Germans couldn’t care less about scaling back their lifestyles.
The New Nostradamus of the North: On taboos and political correctness in Germany (and Europe in general)
Also the person who questions human caused climate change is not likely to find apologists. "Such people do not have any sense of responsibility for the future of our children" is the killer argument.
UWyoming Prof on Predicting Climate: ‘Clouds are so important’ |
But clouds aren’t part of climate models.
WaPo slams ‘science guy’ Bill Nye for spurious Nemo explanation |
“Nye has created some wonderful science educational programs for children, but a weather expert he is not.”
Righteous Anger | Real Science
Last winter, the East Coast righteous were angry that climate skeptics had ruined the heavy snows which they remembered from their childhood.

This year they are angry that climate skeptics are to blame for heavy snow, which they no longer remember from their childhood.

Apparently climate skeptics cause 97% memory loss amongst the faithful.

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