Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hansen Arrested (Again)
For over a month now, much of the GISS website has been down due to technical problems.
But apparently James Hansen has time to get himself arrested.
It’s nice to see you’ve got your priorities sorted out, Jim.
Mother Nature to Keystone Pipeline Protesters: Chill Out! - Forbes
[Patrick Michaels]  With regard to Keystone, that’s climatic nonsense. It’s easy to come up with a ballpark estimate of the magnitude of the climate impact from the burning of the 830,000 barrels of oil that could be carried on a daily basis through the pipeline. The answer, with regard to the change in the global average temperature, lies somewhere between 0.01 and 0.001 degrees (C) of added warming per century, using the UN’s inflated estimates of future temperature. No one will ever be able to measure that.

So, Keystone XL’s oil will not lead to stronger hurricanes, more powerful winter storms, more intense droughts, flood, or heatwaves. It will not increase tornado outbreaks in the Southeast, crop failures in Midwest, or superstorms in the Northeast. It will not cause famines in Africa, floods in Bangladesh, or the submersion of Pacific islands. It will not lead to the death of coral reefs, the loss of rainforests, or the extinction of polar bears.

Keystone XL opponents are well aware of all of this. So, too, undoubtedly, is the President.
Former CNN Producer: Network's Obsession With Fox Hurting Environmental Coverage | Blog | Media Matters for America
Dykstra said the lack of coverage is almost worsened by the way CNN has handled climate change today. He cited the recent appearance on Piers Morgan's show of Marc Morano, who oversees the climate change denial site

"That means they are comfortable with allowing utterly discredited crackpots on the air like Marc Morano, who has been on there twice in the past six weeks," Dykstra said. "If you let Marc Morano have half of a show on climate change, someone who was utterly discredited, who was involved in the swift boat story, who worked for Rush Limbaugh... if you took that same standard that they used for this environment story and applied it to a medical story you would have to pair Sanjay Gupta up with a faith healer or a witch doctor every time he went on the air."

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