Sunday, February 10, 2013

Has global warming increased the frequency & virulence of extreme weather events?
Summary: The debate about climate change has become extreme, as the news media declares quite typical weather (of any kind) to be “extreme” — carefully avoiding showing the historical data that would reveal the lie. This requires them to conceal the findings of the IPCC and the climate science literature, whose forecasts are usually less extreme and more conditional (ie, ranges, often with low degrees of certainty). The truth is out there if we wish to look. On the Internet you can easily find the IPCC reports, the climate science literature, and even the raw data. To make it easier, much of this is gathered here for you.
John Skvarla gives hint to views on global warming | North Carolina
John Skvarla, the new secretary of the state’s environmental-protection agency, has been hard to pin down on the question of just what he thinks about global warming. Perhaps the fact that he suggests it’s still an open question provides the answer.

Here’s another clue.

His executive secretary emailed Department of Environment and Natural Resources Division directors and senior managers advising them of a presentation that global-warming skeptic John Droz would give to a few dozen members of the General Assembly on Wednesday.
New Film Calls Climate Change Skeptics 'Greedy Lying Bastards'
Koch brothers? Check. The science is settled? Check. It'salmosttoolatewehavetoactyesterday? Check.

Among the experts lining up behind the film is Dr. Michael Mann, AKA Captain Hide the Decline and Splash star Daryl Hannah.
CRU Director : Climate Change Is Natural : “Nature doesn’t know what normal means” | Real Science
Hansen says that we should destroy the economy to stabilize the climate. If he actually knew anything about climate, he would know that the climate has never been stable.

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