Saturday, February 02, 2013

Henry Waxman: Carbon Tax Is "Best Legislative Option"
Waxman made the case that putting a price on carbon could actually appeal to Republicans and private sector business leaders.

"Putting a price on carbon is a very important way to give an incentive to the private sector to develop technologies and take actions through market incentives through which they'll benefit," said Waxman.  [Question:  If all but a tiny fringe allegedly believe that CO2 may cause our grandchildren to die in fiery floods, why isn't that already sufficient "incentive"?]
Oil sands pollution: Why industry wants the carbon tax Harper hates | Energy | News | Financial Post
“The world is monetizing carbon [dioxide fraud],” said Daniel Gagnier, president of the Energy Policy Institute of Canada, an advocacy group funded by business. “If a country looks at Canada and says your energy exports are too carbon-intensive, then it becomes an economic competitiveness issue.”
Nissan, NRG Plan U.S. Fast-Charger Network - Bloomberg
There are currently about 160 U.S. rapid chargers, the companies said. Princeton, New Jersey-based NRG is spending about $150 million to set up chargers in the U.S. [How much is that per electric car?], through its eVgo subsidiary.

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Betcha it's $150,000,000 of U.S. taxpayer money.