Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hey, who's up for taxpayer funding for a new "climate corps", where young people attempt to prevent CO2-induced bad weather by weatherizing buildings for a year?

Can Strong Communities Help Build Solutions To Climate Change? | ThinkProgress
What might you expect to find in communities where “family values” are the strongest? More churches? More parents helping out in classrooms? Maybe more bake sales? Yes, perhaps. But there’s one thing you would definitely find: solar panels.

Research at the University of Colorado at Boulder shows that one modern marker of communities with greater “family interdependence” — a social science term that indicates the value a person places on time spent with their family — is that more new solar energy businesses take root. idea might be to expand funding for AmeriCorps, even killing two birds with one stone by creating a “climate corps” where young people can weatherize buildings for a year.

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