Monday, February 18, 2013

Holding Obama's Feet to the Climate-Change Fire -
A man dressed as the grim reaper held a sign that read: “the only steady job on a dying planet will be mine.”

While no official attendance numbers were recorded, participating organizations estimated that more than 35,000 people attended. On its Facebook page, claimed that 50,000 protesters took part in the event.
Possible Pick for Energy Secretary a Finance Billionaire, Warmist, Rentseeker, Opposes Keystone XL |
Imagine an energy secretary who opposes — energy. Thomas Steyer is supported by the Center for American Progress, too.

BTW, the WaPo article is yet another in which reporter Juliet Eilperin cites the Center for American Progress without disclosing that her husband is a senior fellow there on climate issues.
Disturbing Imagery Of An Overheated Atmosphere | Real Science

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