Monday, February 25, 2013

Hotter, wetter climate slashes labour capacity by 10%, study shows
Earth's increasingly hot, wet climate has cut the amount of work people can do in the worst heat by about 10% in the past six decades  [Question: If the climate is getting increasingly "wetter", why should we expect more drought?]
Collapsing Consensus – Another German Meteorology Site Wonders About The Global Temperature Stagnation
One thing is sure: the science of climate change is no longer an open and shut case – not by any means. The consensus that humans are driving the climate is more shattered than ever in Germany, and is crumbling at an increasing velocity.
The New Nostradamus of the North: German high priests of global warming are celebrating at their holy temple in Hamburg
The director of the visualization and public relations department, Dr. Michael Böttinger, proudly describes the work done in this huge center:
"And many times the climatologists are doing this: 'We provoke the Earth virtually.' Then we add data which during the next decades will make the globe up to six degrees hotter. And many times even more."
That's how "world class" climate science works in Germany - and elsewhere. You always get what you want, depending on the input. And the current bunch of "leading climatologists" are programmed to want global warming.
Violent Texas Hurricanes Used To Be Much More Common | Real Science
Texas has been hit by eight category four or above hurricanes (> 130 MPH winds) since 1850. The last one was Hurricane Carla in 1961. By contrast, Texas was hit by three category four hurricanes between 1915 and 1919.

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