Monday, February 25, 2013

Hottest March Ever | Real Science
Last year, US climate alarmists were hysterical that March was just as warm and pleasant as March 1910.

The blink comparator above flashes between March 2012 and March 1910. You can tell which is which, because March 1910 was above normal over the entire country – whereas March 2012 was below normal on the west coast...

This year, they don’t have to worry about mild weather. The forecast looks more like cold January weather.
DRIESSEN: When 'sustainability' is code for bigger government - Washington Times
How long must billions of people remain malnourished, because environmental activists and UN bureaucrats don’t like insecticides, high yield farming or biotechnology?

The fundamental problem with UN/activist/EPA “sustainability” is that it is infinitely elastic and malleable. Whatever these organizations support is sustainable; whatever they oppose is unsustainable.
Warning Signs: Goodbye to a Very Green Business Week
In the February 18-24 edition of Business Week, an editorial, “The Right Way Forward on Climate Change”, contained this gem: “Still, the U.S. accounts for about 19 percent of all emissions—emissions that are causing global temperature increases, rising seas, and destructive droughts, floods, and hurricanes, according to a government advisory panel report released last month.”

When a magazine publishes such drivel, you should not read it.
CapitalClimate: Blizzard Threatens Texas All-Time Snowfall Records
The ongoing blizzard in the Texas panhandle is threatening to break some all-time Texas snowfall records.

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