Monday, February 04, 2013

Hottest reefs on Earth make a nice home for corals? « JoNova
Obviously those Gulf coral survive those wildly high temperatures with freak heat-loving-symbiotic-algae that can’t survive in normal oceans right? No. No. No. It was a plumb ordinary type, not even well known for living in warm areas. There goes that theory…
Chris Huhne: right result, wrong reason – Telegraph Blogs
[Delingpole] I feel about Huhne as I feel about all politicians: I really don't give a damn how many rent boys they sleep with or whether they're heavily into heroin or oranges or how serially unfaithful they are or how often they break the speed limit. Not even whether or not they beat their dogs.

What I do care about, very much, is the immense damage their ill-judged, ill-considered policies are doing to this country.
Pachauri Takes WWF Money « NoFrakkingConsensus
That’s right, folks. The chairman of the IPCC is cashing cheques issued by the WWF.
It’s The Tampering, Stupid | Real Science
Kids around the world have been doing that for centuries in order to stay home from school, but that’s not the point. NOAA releases tampered data to the press, not what the thermometers read.

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