Monday, February 11, 2013

Hurricane Sandy Survivors Demand Climate Change Action From Obama
WASHINGTON -- Hurricane Sandy survivors and environmental advocates met in front of the White House on Monday to demand action from President Barack Obama on climate change ahead of his State of the Union address.
...Approximately 15 people showed up on the gloomy, wet Monday.
Margie Alt: My Global Warming Story and the State of the Union
Science has warned of storms even more severe than Sandy
Huge Climate Change Rally Targets Keystone XL Pipeline - Yahoo! News
The groups are planning to have tens of thousands of participants at the rally and have been working to organize [fossil-fueled] carpools, [fossil-fueled] buses and [fossil-fueled] van rides
Twitter / RyanMaue: Open question, will Obama ...
Open question, will Obama speechwriters in State of the Union be coherent on climate change -- can they resist mentioning snowstorms?

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