Thursday, February 14, 2013

In the red thanks to white stuff | Boston Herald
MassDOT has blown through its $45 million snow removal budget for the year, after working 12 winter storms this season prior to the weekend’s historic blizzard.

“We were pretty close to exceeding it before the snow came,” said Secretary of Transportation Richard A. Davey. “We’ve had a fair number of snow events in central and western Massachusetts.”
Boston Globe Worries That Global Warming Is Killing The Ski Industry In New England | Real Science
Climate change threat looms over ski industry – Business – The Boston Globe
New York Times Says That Droughts Used To Be Rare | Real Science
Complete bullshit. Hansen said the exact opposite in 1999
2012 Was Not The Hottest Year In The US | Real Science
NOAA has finally gotten their 2012 data set (almost) complete, and it turns out that 2012 was the second warmest year in the US after 1921 – and was slightly warmer than 1931 and 1934

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