Sunday, February 17, 2013

IPS – Climate Rally Draws “Line in the Sand” on Canadian Pipeline
“It couldn’t be simpler: Either we leave at least two-thirds of the known fossil fuel reserves in the ground, or we destroy our planet as we know it,” wrote Sierra Club’s Michael Brune in explaining the decision to engage in civil disobedience.
Twitter / Chris_C_Horner: WaPo headline: increasing 'costs' ...
WaPo headline: increasing 'costs' leads to lots of horsemeat in eurofood. Dances round biggest increase in euro costs--green energy mandates
Twitter / 350: So far we've kept this pipeline ...
So far we've kept this pipeline stopped for 18 months, keeping half a billion barrels of oil in the ground- @billmckibben #nokxl
'Forward on Climate' Rally Sends a Message to Obama: No Keystone | The Nation
Jones continued: “If we lose, we lose everything. We’re fighting for the children of all species. This isn’t just a fight about Democrats versus Republicans in the United States. The children of all species forever are going to be impacted by what we do in this town for the next twelve to twenty-four months..."
Twitter / RyanMaue: At lame Keystone Protest, ...
At lame Keystone Protest, articles always quote someone that **drove** all the way from Portland or Seattle. Nuts!

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