Thursday, February 28, 2013

Is There a Slant to Climate Reporting? : Collide-a-Scape
It would be nice if the same handful of scientists weren’t always quoted–this is a pet peeve of mine–but I understand all the factors in play (tight deadline, sound-bite quality, etc).

At some point, when scientists become fixtures (appearing regularly in stories) and they start mouthing predictable answers, I do think it behooves a reporter to expand the circle of quotable sources.
Current Wisdom: New Findings on Black Carbon Spell Trouble for Climate Models | Cato Institute
The bottom line of the Bond et al. study is that the relative impact of anthropogenic carbon dioxide emissions is much less than widely thought, the relative impact of black carbon is greater than thought, and climate models’ views of the past and projections of the future must therefore be tainted.

Tainted and confused models are the last thing we need for producing science-based policy.
A Better Way to Fight Climate Change by Jeffrey D. Sachs - Project Syndicate
we are on a path to very dangerous levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.
Progressive Green Movement Has Morphed Into A Death Cult -
[Dennis Prager] the movement known as environmentalism is not only a false religion, it is one that allows human sacrifice.

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