Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Jet-setting Panetta most expensive defense secretary ever, with $32,000 tab per weekend trip - Washington Times
But over the last four years, while serving a CIA director and defense secretary, he already has been spending a lot of time there, continuing a cross-country commute back to Monterey, Calif. nearly every weekend on the taxpayer’s dime.
In a farewell interview with National Public Radio that aired over the weekend, Mr. Panetta didn’t sound like he regretted the costs at all or ever tried to rein them in when asked why it was so important for him to fly home on the weekends to see his family at taxpayer expense.
Flashback: Healing the planet: Obama Defense Secretary Panetta suggests that CO2 emissions "can create chaos" and "threaten American's national security"; also "negotiated his right to commute home to California nearly every weekend using a military equivalent of a Gulfstream jet"

Who actually took notice of the Kyoto Protocol? Coal fired plants going up everywhere. « JoNova
So then, now look at the map again. It shows 63 countries, all of them constructing NEW coal fired power plants, and every one of those countries signed up their original signature to Kyoto. So, they obviously took a lot of notice of what the intent of the Protocol was all about, lowering emissions.
Can Obama's fire and brimstone on climate change herald a new hope? | Andrew Simms | Environment | guardian.co.uk
The contrast with UK chancellor George Osborne's repeated attacks on environmental action couldn't be greater. For him, raise a green finger and your risk "putting the country out of business".

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