Thursday, February 21, 2013

Just a quick reminder of what they said about cold winters . . . | hauntingthelibrary
Been so busy recently I’ve had no chance to be blogging, but in light of the recent propaganda blitz claiming that cold, snowy winters are all part of global warming, i had to take a few minutes to round up some quotes from the archives. Just to remind us all of what they were saying only a few years ago. As RealScience and others have quoted a few gems (“Snow is now a thing of the past”) I’ll confine myself to a few I haven’t seen widely reported.
CapitalClimate: Second Biggest Snowstorm on Record at Wichita
The latest National Weather Service storm total report from Wichita, Kansas indicates that the 14.2" so far is the second biggest snowstorm since records began in 1888. According to the latest hourly report, snow has now ended. Elsewhere in Kansas, unofficial reports were as high as 18".

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